Tears are falling, my face is hot, and my mind is racing. Not tears of sorrow not joyful ones either. He holds me close. But I do not utter any words. He cups my face in his hands and asks, "Tell me what's wrong?" I don't answer because I don't know.


Have you ever wondered, why doesn't she just leave? I am Chantelle Branch, a survivor, and I know the bitter taste of love. It has been ten years since I fled my old life and left my abuser behind. After years of healing, I choose to break the silence and share a relatable story about Domestic Abuse called, Decisions. It is a journey of Faith through a domestic violence relationship. In this fictional story, Maci Stevens becomes engulfed by Smoke (her lover) and soon her momentary happiness turns into long time pain.  

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, Branch shares her personal journey of healing with audiences across America. She spends her time motivating young women and teens on self-care, self value, self worth, and the reality of healthy relationships.

 But Why?  It is for the 1 in 3 women who will or have experienced physical abuse by a partner.  For the many women born in the 20th century who regard it as "Normal" and for those who are silently suffering but yearn to desperately break free. It is to share with victims, survivors, and people who just stand by and look.  It is to speak Hope, after abuse.

In April of 2017, Branch was the keynote speaker for Family Shelter Service (Wheaton, IL), a women's safe haven, where $236K was raised.

 She has embarked on a mission to spread the message of Resiliency after her terrifying life experiences.

 Branch continues her journey of educating individuals about the 8 cycles of abuse and encouraging victims to break free from the suffocating toxins of abusive relationships. As a licensed cosmetologist, and with the passing of the Illinois law for stylists to have DV training to help bring awareness to clients, Branch continues to make strides in the beauty industry to touch the lives of all those affected by Domestic Violence.

She has embarked on a mission to spread the message of Faith & Resiliency after terrifying life experiences.

Branch has enjoyed writing since her childhood. She has spent the last two decades in the beauty industry; in Naperville and Chicago, IL. Now she is pursuing her creative writing career in Bolingbrook, IL. Branch is a part of the Speaker’s Bureau for Family Shelter Service, Wheaton, IL. She studied at Northern Illinois University and worked at College of Dupage as a reading and Writing tutor. 


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