Twenty-one year old Maci Stevens becomes trapped like a slave by the man who she loves dearly. Smoke quickly turns from a charming handsome man into a raging lunatic over a few short months of dating.    Her family and friends were unaware of the secrets she kept hidden under gobs of makeup, sunglasses, and a cheerful personality - it fooled everyone.  Maci finds her life in peril when she is kicked out by her father, abused by her lover day in and day out, and then forced to flee for her and her daughters lives.  She has to lay out a plan to break free from the suffocating toxins that have engulfed her mind and held her captive; before Smoke takes her life.  But Smoke is hard to contain like a vapor it blackens and it kills. He surrounds. He hides.  Under doors and behind walls.  Weaving in and out of cracks and crevices.  Would one phone call and a leap of faith be enough to save her life, for her children’s sake? 


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